Commercial / Construction / Industrial Water

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Bell Transport delivers bulk water for commercial, construction and industrial uses. Bell Transport's owners work directly with companies to address their individual water needs on site. No job is too large or too small. We work with you to make sure water is delivered when you need it, and through the most cost efficient delivery system. Our drivers can deliver the water directly or through truck rental.

Bell Transport 's range of work includes:

  •   Filling commercial and residential pools - new construction and rennovations
  •   filling outdoor fountains
  •   providing water for outdoor events
  •   filling water tanks for construction projects
  •   providing trucks on site for large construction projects when public utilities are not available
  •   providing water to health care facilities when public water service has been disrupted
  •   providing water to keep building cooling systems operational when water service has been disrupted, and
  •   providing water for companies involved with the metro rail extension
  •   providing water for new septic tank fills for inspections and charging waterlines in homes for leak detection

  • Bell Transport's staff will work with you to meet your company's water needs.


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